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Sam and Ananda from Wedding Belles at Laura’s went out of their way for me with every visit, I thought I was going to be a very awkward bride. When I first walked into the shop, I was a clothes size 28 and weighed 22 stone.

I’d already been to look for my dress, but I’d had a bad experience and been treated poorly by another bridal shop about my size. I was really worried about this visit but my size didn’t affect the way Sam and Ananda were with me.

I had to come to terms with the fact that being a plus size bride and maybe dress fittings weren’t going to be as easy as I’d hoped. However, we all remained positive and after all this was all for my wedding day I should be getting excited not worrying about my weight.

I felt relaxed and at ease with the girls at Wedding Belles, they were helpful and non judgmental, instead extremely supportive and they told me how amazing I was. Every time I came to the shop, I had lost another stone or two or three. I had already picked my dress that I loved but now after losing so much weight it didn’t feel the same. I was so upset. I asked if i could try on the dress I’d seen in the very beginning as soon as I put this dress on I burst into tears me and my Grandma were so happy. I knew this was my dress even though is wasn’t the perfect fit at the moment. We had to order in a different size for me as i was still on a mission to lose more weight.

I’d put a deposit down on this dress but now I’d changed shape there were more dresses to try on, different styles dresses were now an option, I still had my eye on one I’d spotted from day one in the very beginning. We had to change my dress completely as I was losing more weight it seemed more and more possibilities were opening up.
As soon as this amazing dress they’d had at the shop all along, I burst into tears. I knew it was my dress even though we had to order in a different size for me, even then when it came to the final fitting it had to be taken in for me after ordering it two or three sizes smaller.

I came up with my hubby to be to pick suits and my bridesmaid all came up to Wedding Belles to to get the dresses too, I had my heart set on a burgundy colour so that’s exactly what I had with ivory lace embroidery on it to match my dress.

We all became really good friends Sam and Ananda were more than your average bridal consultants which made my experience so much more enjoyable than I had thought it would be, especially after my first bridal shop experience being a bit of a disaster.

Basically, if you have insecurities about how you look/feel then go to this family run business because there is no snobbery or judging, just 2 women who enjoy their work and making people feel good about themselves.

They went out their way for us, coming out to my parents house a 40 minute journey for them armed with shirts, trousers, waistcoats, shoes and a measuring tape for my dad because he is disabled and would have struggled to walk up the stairs in the shop.

I really do give this shop 5 out of 5 and urge every bride to pay them a visit, I hope they enjoy their planning of a wedding as enjoyable as I did.

Claire in a size 26 Callista dress at 22 stone where it all started

“Me I weigh 22 stone and in a size 26 Callista”